For the applicators

Concrete finishing have wide range of use with the high strength, elasticity and long life.

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Plenty of colors and designs

Fresh look is always in. We have endless combinations of colors and desings.

You can call us immediately and your project can be ready in 14 days. If you don't believe it call us!

How to order application

To make an order for your project is quite easy. The best way is to visit our showroom but to make a call or write an email is enought for the start. To make an offer we need just a few pictures of present quality of walls or floor substrate and m2 for realization. It is important to consider that our designs are just 1-3mm of thickness and the substrate must be well prepared if the result should be 100% perfect.

Training and product sell

For the applicators who would like to work with our products we make trainings. The trainings are payed and individual dated. Max 4 products in one training. The price is always set individualy. There is a condition of material purchase to organize the training.

Became a profesional! Visit our practical shows of applications.

Real experiences are the most valued. Visit our practival lessons of application and became a profesional applicator of Ideal Work produckts.

  • We apply the whole project

    Your project can be ready in few days, orders and advance payment must be done 2-3 weeks before start.

  • We prepare the material set

    We can prepare the exact sets of material for your projects. All products are in stock, sets can be ready in one day.

  • We make the sample

    Making samples is paid servis. We can also borrow colour catalogue.

  • We advice in case of problems

    We are always on phone for our customers. In case of bigger problem we can send the technician (paid servic).

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